We could never have got Oxford Paddlers for Life up and running without the help and support of various people and organisations, so a huge thanks to everyone below for all your help and guidance!

The Isis Farmhouse

A big thanks to Adrian at The Isis Farmhouse. Not only did they provide us a great place to go for refreshments and sustenance, but they also very kindly let us store the boat on their premises at the beginning. The pub is in beautiful and tranquil surroundings right by the bank of the Thames. We have now moved to Dorchester Sailing Club full time.

Race The Dragon

Dan at Race The Dragon has been amazing. He’s provided us with just about everything we need to get started, on loan until we can raise the funds to purchase everything for ourselves. Not only that but he’s also given us a wealth of advice to help us get going and waived the delivery charges for the on-loan boat. We’d have really struggled to get anywhere without the assistance of Dan and his team. If you want to hold a dragon boat event, or if you’re looking to buy your own dragon boat, then get in touch with them as they can surely help you out.