Welcome to Oxford Paddlers for Life! If you’re new to Oxford Paddlers for Life and interested in joining us paddling we’d be delighted to welcome you. Anyone who has or has had any form of cancer is welcome to join us, along with family members or close friends, and we don’t expect anyone to have prior paddling experience (though if you do – great!).

Below are some links which will give you the basics of how to sign up and come to one of our sessions, but for more details about coming paddling please read our Introduction to Paddling With Us to find out more about what’s involved on the day.

You can read about a ‘first time’ paddlers experience too!

If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend subscribing to our emails which will keep you up to date with upcoming paddles and other news and events.

You can find out when our next paddling sessions or other events are through the Events page; don’t forget to sign up for the relevant dates, we need to have a minimum amount of people in the boat to be able to paddle safely. You’ll probably want to know about Where we Paddle as well!

We also welcome any help people can offer in the general running of the charity – this can include things like organising a paddle session, doing first aid training, helm/coaching training, keeping social media up to date, fund raising and event organising, please do get in touch with us at info@oxfordpfl.org if you’d like to get involved in any way.