After a year of hard work behind the scenes, on Saturday we finally took delivery of a dragon boat and all the related equipment, very kindly on loan from RaceTheDragonUK whilst we raise funds to purchase our own boat on a permanent basis.

Dan and Rick from Race The Dragon duly arrived around 11am at the entrance to the track down to the river, just off Donnington Bridge. The turn was extremely tight, so they reversed all the way down to the river side.

Dan and Rick were clearly well practiced at reaching awkward places with the trailer

We had a great turn out of volunteers to help in getting the boat off the trailer and onto its dolly, along with the other bits and pieces such as the head and tail, drum, paddles and buoyancy aids. A massive thanks to everyone involved.

Offloading the boat onto the dolly
Heads or Tails?

After a bit of maneuvering around, the boat was finally in position in its new home at the Isis Farmhouse pub

The boat successfully maneuvered into its new home

We still need to get our EA Thames river licence, and practice a bit getting the boat in and out, but watch this space as we’ll soon be ready to start dragon boat paddling in earnest!

Thanks to Jean for taking all the photos – you can see more pictures uploaded on google photos.